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sewing 2022

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50 Sewing Projects to Tackle This Spring

You don’t have to be a sewing master to tackle these stitching projects.

Home DIY

Here's How and Why to Make Your Own Protective Mask

All over the world, sewing machines are being dusted off in an effort to make protective masks.

Self Care

13 Easy Sewing DIYs to Knit This Fall

The season’s best can be made with a needle and thread, so where are yours?

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Your Handy Dandy Pocket Book of Stitches

Ever wanted to know how to make the most common stitches?

Budget Friendly Home

DIY This Custom-Fit Wrap Top to Wear All Summer Long

This wrap top is the perfect silhouette for summer.

DIY Style

Keep Up With Runway Trends With This DIY Suede Patch Bag

This chic suede bag is a lot easier to make than you’d think — promise.

DIY Style