Bags are one of my favorite things to DIY, because small details can go a long way — most of the time you’ll want a simple bag or purse with one bold detail. It could be the color, the shape of the bag, or, in this case, the size of the pocket. Today we’re DIYing a chic suede patch bag, straight from runway style. Suede and leather can show every mark you make, so follow along to see our secret tip for sewing this material.

Materials and Tools:


  1. Fold your suede in half; then trace and cut out a long rectangle. The size is your choice — ours was 14 x 17 inches.
  2. Cut out a smaller square from your second suede fabric — ours was 9 x 9 inches.
  3. Find the center of your suede rectangle and tape the suede square to the front. Sew around three sides to create a pocket.
  4. Fold the suede with the good sides facing in, measure three inches from the fold, and draw a line with chalk. Sew down both sides of the bag until you reach the chalk line.
  5. Pull the fold on the bottom of the bag inward to meet the previously sewn lines on the sides of the bag. Tape the crease in place and then sew all four edges.
  6. Turn the bag right side out and tape on your leather straps. Sew the straps on by following the edge of the leather and creating a long rectangle of stitches.

The key to this bag is getting a sturdy piece of suede. For our base suede, we used the back of a piece of leather. Fold the fabric in half (the bottom is where the fold is), and cut out a large rectangle. Ours measured 14 x 17 inches.

Cut a smaller square out of your second suede fabric. Our square measured 9 x 9 inches.

Find the center of the front panel of your large rectangle, and use packaging tape to hold the suede square in place.

Sew along three sides of the square, leaving the top edge open to create a pocket.

Fold your piece inside out and measure three inches from the bottom. Add a piece of tape to hold both suede pieces in place. Sew down the two sides of the bag until you reach the chalk line.

Pinch the bottom fold to meet the set of stitches. Tape the fold together to hold the pinch in place.

Sew the pinched edges until you reach the previously sewn line on both sides of the bag.

Tada! Check out that killer bottom section of your new suede patch bag!

Cut your leather straps to your desired length and tape them three inches from the sides of the bag.

Sew the straps on by following the edges of the leather and creating a long rectangle.

This bag is all about the materials. The more you invest in better quality fabrics and leathers, the more chic your patch bag will be.

I’ll be taking this one home — thanks!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre

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