Love is in the air as we get closer to the 14th of February. Stores are filled with pink and red, and there are hearts and roses lining the aisles. If you鈥檙e a sucker for Valentine鈥檚 Day decor like we are, then get out your sewing machine and follow along with our tutorial. Today we鈥檙e making the most adorable hugs and kisses pillows that will bring the V-day spirit into your home. Not only are they great for the upcoming holiday, but these pillows can sit pretty in your house all year long. Need to review some basic sewing skills? Check out our sewing class!



鈥 fabric

鈥 batting or microfill

鈥 two Ziplock boxes (or other rectangular objects from around your house)

鈥 one dessert plate

鈥 one large circular platter

鈥 white thread


鈥 sewing machine

鈥 iron

鈥 fabric scissors

鈥 pins

鈥 needle

鈥 pencil



  1. Fold your fabric in half with the pattern on the inside.
  2. Trace your household objects, creating an 鈥渪鈥 and an 鈥渙.鈥
  3. Cut out your letter, leaving a 陆-inch seam allowance and pin the edges.
  4. Sew around the edges leaving one end open.
  5. Flip your fabric right side out and then iron.
  6. Fill the pillow with batting or microfill.
  7. Hand stitch the open edge.

The 鈥淴鈥


Let鈥檚 start with a kiss.


First, fold your fabric in half with the pattern on the inside. Then find a rectangular box around your house (Ziplock boxes work well) and trace them into an 鈥渪鈥 shape on your fabric. Cut out your letter leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance.


Pin your fabric in place and then sew around the edges following the lines. Leave one end open. Flip your pillow case right side out and then iron it flat.


Add stuffing and then pin your open end together to make hand stitching easier. You could also try sewing the end with your machine if you鈥檙e feeling wild ;)

The 鈥淥鈥


Next up we鈥檝e got our cute little 鈥淥.鈥


Again, fold the fabric with the pattern on the inside. Find two circular objects to create your letter. One should be substantially smaller than the other. Trace the larger circle and then place the smaller one directly in the center of the first one.


There are two ways to do this next part. We cut our little donut by making a straight snip through the circle. You could also leave the 鈥淥鈥 in tact, cutting the center circle by making a little fold and snipping into it.


Sew around the edges following the penciled lines. This will help keep your 鈥淥鈥 even. Leave both ends open. If you choose to do this the other way, leave a small section on the outer edge of the circle open. Flip your case right side out and then fill it with stuffing.


Now pin the open ends together and stitch your 鈥淥鈥 together.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet hugs and kisses!


We made a second set for even more love!


These would be great to hold up in a photo booth. You could send your pics to your Valentine rather than sending a traditional card.


Nothing cuter than pillows that say 鈥淚 love you.鈥

Have you made any interesting pillow cases? How do you like to decorate for Valentine鈥檚 Day? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.