Considering getting some ink, but not ready to take the plunge? While some people can dive right in (after all, it’s just a body), others choose to be careful and considerate when it comes to adorning their skin with such a permanent design. Seeking inspiration and thoughtful planning can be important when it comes to your first tattoo, but nowadays there are so many ways to “try before you buy.” Sure, there are some pretty amazing temporary tattoos out there, but in true Brit + Co fashion, why not DIY one of your own? Test out your latest idea or just add a little edgy flair with these badass tattoo tights. They’re incredibly inexpensive and easy to make, and they look totally legit. Scroll on to find out how it’s done.


Floral Tattoo Tights





  1. Tape one edge of the card stock. Then, roll into a tapered tube mirroring the size and shape of your ankle/calf.
  2. Cut out your design and tape it to your tube.
  3. Insert the tube into one of the legs of the tights. Push toward the base and position it where you want the design to show.
  4. Outline your design with the black fabric marker. Add color as desired.
  5. Remove the tube. Voila! You’re done.
  6. Get ready to show a little leg and try out your new *tattoo.*

To start, tape the edge of the card stock and then, roll into a tapered tube. This will help prevent any snagging when you insert the tube into your tights. The tube should reflect the shape and size of your ankle/calf. It’s actually best to err on the larger side when making your tube. It helps prevent the tights from moving around while you’re tracing the design.


Cut any excess paper around your design and tape it to the tube. Since the tube reflects the shape of your leg, you’ll have an easier time positioning the design.


Insert the tube into a leg of your tights. For the ankle/calf position, you’ll want to push it to the bottom, but make sure you leave room for your feet. Also, use the toe seam to decide where you want the floral design to show (inner ankle? Outer ankle? Back of the calf?).


Once you have the design where you want it, trace your pattern with the fabric markers. The ink transfers through the tights onto the paper, helping you see what areas you’ve covered. Sometimes it’s helpful to blot with the pen rather than draw to prevent snagging. Add color as desired.


Carefully remove the tube from your tights and check them out.


Looking so fresh!


They look so real, you’ll have your friends (and parents!) totally fooled. And they’re perfect for adding a little extra flair this winter.

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DIY Production + Styling: Lindsay Saito

Modeling: Cassidy Miller

Photography: Tory Putnam

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