Move over, Ugly Christmas Sweater. Meet the Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater. While the less-than-fashionable toppers were a Christmas-only thing in the past, Thanksgiving has gotten in on the game. You can wear one of the funny sweaters at your family gathering, your boyfriend’s house, or even at your annual Friendsgiving. What can express your love for turkey and pumpkin pie more than a hilarious shirt?

1. Dentz Design Gobble Gobble Crewneck Sweatshirt ($19): We all know what the main event is on Turkey Day. It’s all about that gobbler, and this sweater is the ultimate ode to our favorite bird.

2. LookHuman ‘I Wanna Be The Very Baste’ Crewneck Sweatshirt ($35): How do you make your Thanksgiving the very baste? Add this hilarious sweater into the mix. Somehow, puns make food even more delicious.

3. She Squats Clothing ‘Leftovers Are For Quitters’ Sweatshirt ($28): Even though many of us look forward to next-day turkey sandwiches with stuffing, you might be one of those people who sits at the Thanksgiving table and doesn’t quit until there’s nothing left. We salute you.

4. Customized Girl Thankful Cat Thanksgiving Sweatshirt ($29+): What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We’re thankful for this adorable pilgrim cat who loves mashed potatoes.

5. LookHuman Thanksgiving Debate Team Hoodie ($40): Debates happen when distant relatives get together, but for some people, that’s a time-honored tradition that they look forward to. You know you’re not to be trifled with when it comes to dicey subjects at the dinner table, so this sweater is a great way to stop an argument (or maybe start one).

6. Peachy Sunday ‘Feast Mode’ Sweatshirt ($25+): You gotta bring your A-game to Thanksgiving, and that means lots of preparation so you can feast your heart out when dinner’s ready.

7. Real People Goods ‘Talk Turkey To Me’ Sweatshirt ($30): What’s the magic word on Thanksgiving? Turkey, of course. And only a true turkey fan like yourself can make this sweater a hit at the T-Day gathering.

8. Customized Girl Thanksgiving and Wine Sweatshirt ($29+): Hey, for some people, Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily about the food. After all, this is a holiday. You’re allowed to let a little loose and drink a little (or a lot of) wine.

9. LookHuman ‘I Love Thanksgiving’ Sweatshirt ($35): When it comes to choosing the right Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. This sweater expresses how you truly feel beyond words.

10. LookHuman ‘Thanksgiving Fam’ Sweatshirt ($35): Thanksgiving is about food, but it’s also about family. Whether it’s celebrating your actual family or your chosen family of close friends, you have your priorities straight.

11. TeeStars Turkey Face Sweatshirt ($19+): Ugly holiday sweaters can be a little cheesy, but that’s part of their charm. This cartoon turkey face sweater is sure to get a laugh out of your relatives.

12. LookHuman ‘Thanksgiving Thanks’ Sweatshirt ($35): Food-centric Thanksgiving lovers just want one thing on this day. Slip on this sweater and load up on your turkey, potatoes, and stuffing while also letting the cook know you’re appreciative (in a small, nonchalant sort of way).

13. Strong Girl Clothing ‘Pour Some Gravy On Me’ Sweatshirt ($23+): As we all know, gravy is a miracle substance that is superior to all others. Sugar? Who needs it?

14. Customized Girl ‘Ugly Thanksgiving’ Sweatshirt ($34+): If you’d like to spare your relatives and friends the puns, just opt for a traditional ugly sweater with a Thanksgiving twist. This sweatshirt features faux stitched turkeys, pies, mushrooms, and pumpkins to celebrate the day.

15. LookHuman ‘Thanksgiving Is Lit’ Sweatshirt ($35): The best place to be on Turkey Day? Your house, obvs. If you’re one to throw an unbelievable bash, don’t forget to remind everyone that your Thanksgiving will be totally lit.

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