When it comes to a functional desk, you basically need two things: ample surface space and oodles of storage. Some of the most expensive, high-end desks on the market lack one or both of these things. So we suggest dedicating a weekend to making a DIY desk using two (or technically three) simple materials: a pair of filing cabinets and a large wooden board.

The great thing about this project, besides its low cost, is the fact that it’s so customizable. A can or two of spray paint can transform a dull, standard-issue grey filing cabinet into a cheer-filled, aquamarine storage desk base like the one above. Voila — from egregious eyesore to fabulous focal point! Paint — and even stenciling or decoupage — can also transform the top of your desk.

The hard part is putting it all together — and even that isn’t so hard.

It takes about 2 days to complete and costs as little as $125.Of course, it does require some elbow grease, as most things work making do (heads up: you’ll probably need an assistant). The poplar tabletop of this desk is made of poplar “glued and screwed” to its base. Get the full tutorial here. (Via Hometalk)

We love this DIY desk idea so much that we hunted down a few variations on the brilliant one above, and discovered this more-masculine version, which we fell immediately in love with:

diy desk

The DIY geniuses who created this desk used their (under-utilized) table leaves to create a desktop, which happened to fit perfectly — although a little spillover would not have hurt anyone. They also used — get this — double-stick foam table to secure the top to the base sans wobbling, just in case they want to use the table leaves again. Now that’s thinking. (Via An Inviting Home)

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(Photo via Fisherman’s Wife Furniture)