When it comes to a couple’s big day, there’s no shortage of avenues from which to garner inspo. We’ve seen it all, from Coachella-inspired Bachelorette parties to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s-based wedding dresses Reem Acra just launched, proving sparks of wedding creativity can come from just about anywhere.

Take Karen Rainier, for instance. The Maryland-based photographer got the notion for her latest (now-viral) wedding photoshoot while simply watching an episode of her favorite TV show. Admittedly “obsessed” with NBC’s This Is Us, Rainier explained that she knew she wanted to recreate lead character Jack and Rebecca’s special moment at first sight. “It hit me right then and there that I had to do it,” she wrote on her blog.

It was a welcome change for Rainier, who was tired of the same old, same old. “It seems like a lot of the wedding blogs have been publishing the same styles over and over again, so instead of drawing inspiration from colors or popular trends, I decided to look outside my industry,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

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Wowww you guys! I've been fielding media requests for the past 12 hours off and on- what the what??! I'm in total shock that this little idea of mine somehow exploded like this. The ironic part about all of this is that I had submitted this to a wedding blog for publication. I waited for 3 weeks just to hear back that they weren't interested. But, for once instead of getting discouraged and letting the rejection drag me down, I kept my head up and stayed confident in my work, and refocused on what is important: I don't work for badges from blogs or recognition. I work for my amazing clients and to fuel my own creativity. So I decided to stop submitting it to wedding blogs and instead just publish it on my own website. I loved the photos, was proud of my work and wanted to share them so I did. In this industry it is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Easy to let a big name blog rejection get you down. But throughout my career so far, if I've learned anything, it's that it's ok to do your own thing your own way. 🤗🤗🤗Thank you all for all the likes, shares, love and support and huge thanks to the amazing vendors and models for helping me make this come to life! And thank you @mandymooremm for sharing the photo on your story! I'm still fangirling about it, you are amazing. One more thing: BIG shoutout to my husband. He is a real life Jack Pearson- just an amazing husband and father and always there to support me and love me through challenges and triumphs (so just like Jack except he's not going to die anytime soon 😂😬) 💛💛💛#thisisus #mandymoore #miloventimiglia #ohwowyes #huffpostido

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While she says it was harder to put together than, say, a Harry Potter-themed wedding shoot, where the details are overtly obvious, Rainier turned to other significant moments from the show to make up what she lacked. “I decided it was okay to include details from different times in their relationship” — the tiny muffin cake Rebecca gave to Jack in lieu of a belated birthday cake, for instance.

Swathing the “bride” in a dress by Kite & Butterfly and keeping the accessories simple (Rainier focused on two gold bands with a Layered and Long moon necklace), she added further references in the form of the couple’s wedding vows and RSVP card, reading, “Believe me when I say only good things are going to happen today.”

In a word? Girl NAILED it. With a lookalike couple and an empty apartment at her disposal to boot, the results were nothing short of magic. Even the RL Rebecca, Mandy Moore, was impressed: The actress featured the photoshoot in a recent Instagram story — no doubt a dream for the super-fan photog.

Check out her shoot in full here!

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 (h/t Hello Giggles; photo via Ron Batzdorff/NBC, @karenrainierphoto + This Is Us/NBC)