Even the most devoted makeup gurus have paused when they’re about to make a hefty purchase on their fave product. Sure, NARS concealers are great, but are they really worth the $20+ pricetag when $1 concealers exist at your local CVS? Luckily, we have beauty vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye to answer that question for us.

Last Thursday, Raye posted a video that’s steadily going viral — probably because it’s totally fascinating. The video breaks down every single step of Raye’s makeup routine, but in a new way — using the higher-end products on the left side of her face and the drugstore alternatives on the right.

drugstore makeup1

Raye compares products like Lancôme vs. Loreal, Mac vs. Colourpop, and Jane Iredale vs. Elf, and it’s pretty wild to watch.

drugstore makeup2

But perhaps the wildest part of all? At the end of the video, you can’t tell the difference whatsoever. She looks equally perfect on both sides, thus proving that, when used right, drugstore products can be great swaps on a budget.

drugstore makeup3

Of course, the price tag and the look aren’t the only factors to consider when purchasing makeup — you may just prefer the feel of Glossier’s luxe highlighters or the creamy texture of NARS lipstick. When it comes to makeup splurging, you do you — but it’s comforting to know that, in a pinch, you can head over to your local drugstore for a makeup revamp.

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(Photos via ItsMyRayeRaye)