When it comes to quilting, many modern DIY-ers tend to hit the snooze button. It takes too long, is too old school, and there are so many cool vintage quilts out there anyway. But it’s time to listen up, because quilting can be cool!

This Modern Ombre + Black and White Triangle Quilt by See Kate Sew is one example of how quilting can look totally modern. The graphic pattern and contemporary color palette is certainly something to swoon over, and the possibilities for personalization are limitless.

Quilting is all about getting organized. Work from a template, trace, cut, stitch, repeat. If you’re relatively new to the world of machine sewing, this is a great project to try after you’ve already mastered making your own napkins, throw pillows and totes.

This project featured in this article was created by See Kate Sew. This is part of a series on Brit + Co. called Shoutouts, where we curate some of our favorite DIY projects from around the web.

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