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Are Records Making a Comeback? This New Startup Says Yes

Take off your wireless, streaming headphones and listen up: Vinyl Me, Please has its sights set on improving your record collection AND your drink repertoire (yup, go ahead, dust off that glassware). It’s a modern-day take on the record clubs of yore: a subscription gets you a hand-picked record paired with a cocktail recipe and an album-inspired art print that arrive on your doorstep once a month.


20 Classic Kids Books That Belong on Your Bookshelf

Baby’s got the finest prints and coolest DIY mobiles. But no nursery’s complete without at least a handful of these so-called kiddie books. And if we’re talking frankly here, a few of us might even have a couple of these classics on our own bookshelves. With iconic illustrations and timeless tales, these classics have us convinced you’re never too old (or young!) for a good bedtime story.


10 Crazy Charcoal Products That Go Way Beyond the Grill

If you were surprised coconut oil had so many uses, get ready: Charcoal has a couple of hidden identities up its sleeve, too. What’s its secret? Charcoal is highly porous, which facilitates adsorption (not a typo, we swear!), a chemical process where charcoal acts like a magnet to toxins, moisture and bacteria. While we’re just now joining the party, the Japanese have been tapping charcoal — specifically, a type called Binchotan — for its filtering and dehumidifying properties since the 17th century. Pair some of these stink-vanquishing products with one of three ways to make your home smell like spring, and you’ll be breathing easy — au naturel, of course!