Warby Parker is no stranger to making glasses that are completely stylish while giving our eyes some much-needed TLC. The online retailer’s collections are always stunning, but this latest release might take the cake. The charitable eyewear company has introduced a collection of gold-plated glasses, and trust us, your hearts will pitter-patter at the sight of these classy sunnies.


Warby Parker’s new collection, Thea, is meant for the Gods — literally. Their three new pairs of shades celebrate Thea, the goddess of sight, who gave all the gold and gems their sparkle. Makes sense, right? While each pair sports their own individual shape, all three feature a continuous hand-wrapped line of stainless steel that is tripled-coated in 24-karat gold. They also come in two different colors — Jet Black and Red Canyon. The three styles — Grace, Penrose and Lovett — were inspired by the greek golden mean. You remember that from school, right? It’s based on the idea that beauty is rooted in balance and proportion — and boy, did Warby Parker get it right. Each pair will complement any face shape, and will automatically give any outfit an elegant touch.


This limited edition collection starts at $195 for sunglasses, while the prescription pairs are going for $250. Although the prices are a bit steeper than we’d like, we think it’s pretty safe to say the price is a steal when your face is being framed by 24-karat gold. And don’t forget: For each pair that you buy, one is distributed to someone in need. It’s another great reason to add it to your Christmas wish list.

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(Photos via Warby Parker)