When trends first roll around, there are some that we’re immediately crazy about (see everything ’90s related) and some that take some time to warm up to (cough, cough culottes). The three trends highlighted here definitely fall into the latter category. They might look weird now, but just remember, there was once a time when we said we’d never wear overalls as an adult, and look at us now.

Robe Dresses


Why It’s “Weird”: Let’s go ahead and start by calling out the obvious: this style dress looks pretty much exactly like what you’ve been wearing around the house for forever. But if you can get over the Hugh Hefner feel of this ultra relaxed style, it could be a great alternative to the classic ’70s-inspired wrap dress.

Why You’ll Love It: Uh, mostly (or mainly) because it’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day long, and life doesn’t really get much better than that.

Try: If you’re ready to jump headfirst into the loungewear as ready-to-wear look, try the super silky Tora Dress ($268) from Reformation. If you want something that’s a little bit more structured and could totally work for the office, go for Cos’ Long Blazer Dress ($135).

Furry Shoes


Why It’s “Weird”: Whether it gives you some extreme ’90s fashion nostalgia or makes you think about those dreaded UGG days, fur + shoes seems like a really bizarre combination at first, but when that chillier weather starts to roll around we’re guessing you’ll see it differently.

Why You’ll Love It: While there is a definite throwback element here, the trend has come back in a very current kind of way. Rather than sloppy-looking boots, the fuzzy material is combined with ultra-refined styles that evoke a yin and yang kind of equation.

Try: If you’re ready to really jump into this trend and are up for a major designer splurge, go for these Gucci fur-lined loafers ($995) that have been spotted on everyone from Alexa Chung to Leandra Medine (AKA The Man Repeller). If you’re more into the ’90s iteration of the trend, go for these Cher Horowitz-approved heels by rocking Nasty Gal’s Knock ‘Em Dead Pump ($88).

Utilitarian Jumpsuits


Why It’s “Weird”: Unlike most of the figure-flattering jumpsuits we’ve been spotting over the last couple of years, this style basically forgos any idea of a defined shape. Blame it on the rising popularity of baggy overalls, but that relaxed, workwear sort of vibe has definitely transferred over to this garment.

Why You’ll Love It: This laidback version of the ultra-popular jumpsuit trend is basically the epitome of loungewear. You can forget about the days of fidgeting with your super tight pencil skirt or adjusting and readjusting your tucked-in button-down. Plus when paired with a dressy shoe (like the style on the right), it’s easy to give this style a more formal feel.

Try: To go full utilitarian on this thing, try Free People’s Mechanic Jumpsuit ($458). If you want a little bit more structure, opt for this denim utility jumpsuit ($63) from ASOS that definitely gives off the same vibe but isn’t quite as masculine.

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