Wes Anderson is synonymous with whimsy and charm. So the second we heard there was a cafe themed after the famed director, our hearts skipped a beat. The coffee spot, named The Budapest Café, is stationed in Chengdu, China and is the brainchild of Melbourne-based design firm Biasol. Their intent was to create a playful space for the coffee culture obsessed to sip lattes and snap away. Goal accomplished. One look through the pics of their pastel-infused place and you’ll see why. Scroll down to see more of the Insta-worthy spot worth flying to Chengdu for.

When the Biasol team sat down to map out their project, they wanted to do something that would get noticed in a BIG way. So they put themselves in the Wes Anderson mindset. “Our design draws on filmmaker Wes Anderson’s meticulous, memorable, and magical worlds to create an inviting destination with whimsical character and international appeal,” firm owner, Jean-Pierre Biasol, tells Brit + Co.

To accomplish this, they went with statement-making furnishing and designs, such as the light-hued dining furniture and the swoon-worthy arched framing. Of course, in true Wes Anderson style, some eclectic details had to be mixed in. Our faves include the pink pool balls, bold bubble chairs, neon signage, and the ever-practical stairs that lead to, well, nowhere.

All of the elements were used to make this more than a quick matcha stop. The firm wanted customers to get involved with the indulgent scene they had set. “Layers, elevations, and design features encourage customers to explore and physically engage with the space,” says Biasol. When it comes to integrating with the design, that bubblegum ball pit is totally calling our name.

By mixing cool and warm colors with architectural designs straight out of one of the filmmaker’s movie sets, they layered in a complexity to this cute cafe that’s more than just meets the eye. “Concept, colors, and details continue through the branding, which is integrated into the design of the café to contribute to the imaginative and evocative space,” says Biasol. So much so, we’re convinced Anderson himself would be happy to sit here and pass the time.

Whether you’re planning on making a trip there yourself, or just stalking it religiously on Instagram, this is one coffee shop that certainly brings the movies to life.

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(Photos via James Morgan)