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When we first heard that White Castle introduced the vegetarian Impossible Burger ($2) to its menu, we could not wait to try it. We wondered how White Castle could make its signature tiny square burgers with a meatless patty. Would it even work? So we trekked to our local White Castle to try an original White Castle Burger ($1) and Impossible Burger side by side.

The White Castle Impossible Burger, like the original, is sandwiched in a squishy bun with tangy pickles, grilled onions, and melted cheese. Everything from the texture to the patty’s smokey flavor tastes just like an all-beef burger fresh from the grill — except that it’s plant-based. It tastes delicious, but compared to the original, the Impossible Patty is much thicker and thus imparts more flavor. It sort of overwhelms all the other toppings. Because the beef patties are so thin, everything can be tasted in one bite. In other words, the flavors are more balanced.

Though not identical to the original, the White Castle Impossible Burger’s still a tasty vegetarian option to try. Above all, we’re excited to see more plant-based options at fast food joints.

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(Images via Gabi Conti / Brit+Co)