There are certain miracles we really wish for in life. We’d love to finally get that acceptance to Hogwarts (even if it’s over 10 years late). We’d love to be gifted an endless supply of tacos. But what we really, really want is for our love of vino to magically act as a secret weight loss elixir. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the tacos and Hogwarts letter, but today we’re bringing you some seriously amazing news re: that wine wish. According to Marie Claire UK, science now admits that a generous serving of wine before bed could actually be the secret to losing weight.

red wine weight loss

Here’s the deal: There’s a chemical found in red wine called resveratrol. Basically, resveratrol prevents your fat cells from gaining even more fat. Marie Claire chatted with scientists over at Washington State University and Harvard who backed up this finding and suggest you drink not just a teaspoon of wine to reap this health miracle, but – wait for it – at least TWO glasses. They say that drinking this much before bed could help reduce obesity by up to 70 percent.

How can this be possible? The idea is that the calories you consume drinking wine will help keep you full, therefore reducing the urge to reach for those ultra fattening late-night snacks. (Ben and Jerry’s, we’re looking at you.) As if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, a previous study by Serenata Flowers also claims that resveratrol can help prevent the loss of eyesight and tooth decay, help slow the body’s aging process and fight off the common cold. So, uh, yeah… if you need us, we’ll be over here scrambling for the nearest corkscrew.

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