Easter‘s on its way, and here at Brit + Co we’ve been looking for an eggy decor alternative that will last year round. These wooden eggs are not only adorable but begging to be decorated with our favorite craft supplies – paint pens!

Added bonus for our San Francisco readers: you can now make these for FREE at Brit + Co SF — just swing by 550 Sutter Street and say hello! :)

 – wooden eggs

– paint pens in assorted colors

– painter’s tape


1. Tape off sections of each egg with painter’s tape.

2. Draw on some simple designs with paint pens.

3. Peel off the tape to reveal your neatly-trimmed designs!

4. Set these babies out in a cute ceramic egg dish, or nestle ’em in a basket of faux grass!

5. Hooray! Easter decor for grownups! (And vegans…)

Get out the paint pens! We went for some springy pinks, purples, teals and mints, as well as our go-to accent color – gold.


First off, we’re starting with the easiest paint pen design we know – confetti! Simply draw on teeny dots in a few different colors, keeping them condensed at the top of the egg, and increasingly spread out towards the bottom.


Our second design requires a little tape action – mask off the top half of the egg at a diagonal, and draw paint pen lines over the edge of the tape. This will give your design a polished “pattern-dipped” feel later on! Fill in the rest of this taped-off half with rows of alternating lines, creating a sort of “stitched” or “woven” pattern. Peel off the tape and set that beauty aside while you continue decorating more eggs.


This third design is a riff on pennant garlands. Just tape around the egg, follow the tape edge with your paint pen and add on triangle “pennants” along the line! Repeat a couple more times for a criss-crossing pattern.

Keep experimenting with your own designs until you’ve decorated all your eggs — we went with a full dozen, obviously.

Go ahead, put them all in one basket, we won’t tell ;)

How will you decorate for Easter this year? Talk to us in the comments below.