We know — it’s not even April! But, we’re already living and breathing Easter here at Brit + Co. We’ve got pastel sprinkles aplenty, eggs by the dozen and bunny ears popping up in every single photo shoot. To kick things off right, we’re starting with the basics. Here are five easy and unusual ways to decorate your Easter eggs… in under five minutes!

 – eggs

– glitter

– spray adhesive

– paint pens

– acrylic paint

– embroidery floss

– washi tape

– rhinestones (yes, rhinestones)

 – hot glue gun

– painter’s tape

– washi tape (for holding eggs as they dry!)

– Easy-Tack spray adhesive

As you can see, we used a little bit of everything for this one!

1. Paint-Dipped Eggs

We’ll start with a little dip — you know we love it. Use a foam brush to paint and give your eggs a dipped look. If you want your dip to look a little more natural, forget the painter’s tape and just use your brush to create a clean line. Then use washi tape rolls as egg holders while your paint dries!

Oh heeeey, dipped eggs.

2. Glitter-Dipped Eggs

Next up, another dip! This time, glitter is the star. Use painter’s tape to tape off one half of your egg. Spray the bottom half with spray adhesive. Then sprinkle your glitter right on there. Shake any excess off, then sprinkle again to cover up blank spots.

Peel off the tape.

Everything’s better with glitter, don’t you think?

3. #Hashtag Eggs

Of course, we can’t resist nerding out. For these, all you need is your trusty paint pen and a few clever words. Since we were lacking clever inspiration, we went with the obvious ;)


4. String-Wrapped Eggs

For a more rustic look (wait, can egg decorating actually be rustic?), we went with a few simple wraps of embroidery floss. Secure with a dot of hot glue at the beginning and the end, and you’re good to go.

We love how the string pops against the brown eggs.

5. Washi-Wrapped Eggs

How could we ignore washi tape? Use a thin roll to create a linear design.

So simple!

Bonus! The Million Dollar Egg

Forget Fabergé eggs! This Easter it’s all about this absurd bejeweled option. Real talk: This takes way too long and way too many jewels to create more than one, but it’s a fun pop of sparkle to an Easter centerpiece.

Done! Look at all those eggzzzzz!


Will you decorate Easter eggs this year? If so, how? Talk to us in the comments below.