We’re all about working smarter, not harder. At the end of a long day, your fingers may feel hurt and tired after typing on a computer for hours. Well, fear no more, tired fingers. PayPal (which has already lured many over from Venmo) just introduced a rad new feature that will allow you to send money without having to press any buttons. And her name is Siri.

Yesterday, PayPal introduced an integration with Apple’s Siri. Users can now say things like “Hey Siri, send Jenny $25 for this month’s electric bill on PayPal,” and Siri will make it so. Siri will display a confirmation screen for the amount and the recipient. Just say something like “Yeah, thanks, Siri,” and your money will set right off. PayPal estimated that over 17 million peer-to-peer transfers (i.e. Venmo, PayPal, Xoom) will take place this December, so get ready to bust Siri out to pay for things at all your upcoming holiday parties.

The feature only works for users with iOS 10 or later on an iPhone or iPad. It’s now available in 30 countries (including the US and Canada) and 11 languages.

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(h/t TechCrunch)