There’s practically a dozen apps out there to make paying friends, coworkers, family, etc a breeze.

Though you may already have your chosen payment platform in Venmo, Square Cash or even Facebook Messenger, PayPal just introduced a super easy to use feature that’s looking to take the place, or at least wedge its way into the popular table, of those mobile payers du jour.

PayPal.Me is the online payment company’s new feature that allows users to pay or get paid directly from a personalized URL (grab yours here).

After you’ve registered your link to getting paid all you’ve gotta do moving forward from then on is share that URL with anyone via text, email, IM, social, etc. — ex., hiiii pay me why dontcha ;) — and those in debt of you can swifty pay you back for last night’s beers within seconds. Sans emoji though (minus one PayPal).

While PayPal does run Venmo (FYI?), the company is looking for a different audience with this feature as to not compete with its current user base through PayPal.Me. One way this feature is differentiating itself from Venmo is global acceptance since the popular payment app only works with US banks, credit and debit cards while PayPal.Me works globally. The new function also is an Internet-based experience, allowing users the ability to use mobile payment without the need to DL *another* app. Time will tell if these personalized URL payment methods will be the next frontier in mobile-based payment.

Have you grabbed your link yet? What are your thoughts on the company’s new payment methods? Share those thoughts with us in the comments.