It’s normal to want to be liked. We’re human and we feed off the approval of others. If you’re a frequent rider of Ubers, you’re being rated (just like drivers) with every ride. Want to know what your drivers think of you? Here’s how to find out:

To find your score, go to Help, then Account and Payment. Hit Account Settings and Ratings, then say “I’d like to know my rating” and Submit.

Now, what exactly is considered a “low” rating and why should you care about it? Well, if your score is lower, it may be harder to get picked up. According to data from Quartz, the median score is about a 4.8. If drivers fall below a 4.6 rating, they risk being kicked off the app, but there’s no word on a minimum passenger score.


If your score is lower than expected, there are a few tricks to endear you to drivers. When requesting a ride, try manually typing in your address instead of using location services to save time. Be on the curb before your driver even arrives for extra points. And make sure to obey all rules of the road in your Uber. That means no piling extra people into the car (one per seat belt!).

Happy trails.

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