Whether you woke up late or you are just flat out not in the mood to over fuss with your hair, we’re arming you with three ridiculously simple hair hacks. Each of these take under 10 minutes and will give your hair a subtle style bump that can polish off even the most dire case of bedhead.


We’ll kick things off with Ashley who has slightly wavy hair when she lets it air dry. To take her naturally tousled look to a more refined level, simply add a few curls! This style can be pulled off for lots of different hair types by slightly altering the type of curl you add in.

1. First spray a generous amount of a dry shampoo throughout your roots and all over your hair, we love TIGI’s Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret. This is going to give your hair a little extra texture to help the curls stay in place and to tie this look together.

2. Pick up a strand of hair on either side of your face — be sure to start and finish with the front strands directly framing your face to keep the look clean and intentional. Place a curl in the direction going away from your face and leave the end out so that it can blend in with the rest of your hair that is left untouched.

3. Add approximately 10-12 curls throughout your hair remembering to end with the strand closest to your face on the opposite side that you started, curling away from your face.

4. As you can see the curls are pretty random. It’s important not to go overboard — don’t fuss about the straight pieces of hair that are still hanging around.

5. To reinforce this “undone” look, use a wide tooth comb to twist your curls, adding some of the straight hairs into them and gently backcomb your hair together. This will blend the entire look and give a bouncy body to your hair!


Okay, so we have all heard of, tried and admired the infamous Sock Bun, but what about a Scarf Bun?! This soon-to-be staple takes under five minutes to style.

1. Start off by picking up fine sections of hair and backcombing all the way to the ends.

2. Do this throughout your entire hair. Don’t worry! This lion mane will only last a moment, but while you are at this stage, feel free to grab your phone and “take a selfie“!

3. Now that you’ve tapped into your inner lioness, let’s get back to business. Smooth back all of your hair into a low pony. Notice all that volume and texture! This will help your bun shape out nicely and reinforce the hold. Note: If you have super thick hair already, you may want to skip this step.

4. Place a traditional bun into your hair and secure with a bobby pin or two.

5. Grab your scarf and wrap it around the bun!

6. Tie off the scarf underneath for a polished finish.


This is hands down the easiest, quickest little trick that will give a really lazy hair day a finish that looks like you spent way more time than you actually did! You may recall this trend from the late ’90s — we can’t resist a throwback.

1. Comb the top of your hair back.

2. Using the end of a rat’s tail comb, draw a diagonal line, the same way you would do this if you were dragging it straight back to create a center part, only you will make this line a zig zag.

3. Drag the comb across diagonally in the other direction.

4. One last time, bring it back the other way.

5. Separate the zig-zagged sections and place on either side of your head.

6. Backcomb each section of your part to give a little extra body. Finish off with some hairspray.

What are your go-to 10 minute hair hacks? Share them with us in the comments below.