Moving in together is a huge step. So if you and bae are taking your time, that’s probably the right move. But if it’s been weeks since you actually slept in your own bed, maybe it’s time you guys stop dancing around the big talk and actually address the fact that one of you is basically paying rent on an apartment-sized storage unit.

couple at home in the morning

Here’s how you know it’s really getting ridiculous:

1. You don’t just have a drawer at his place — you have half the closet.

2. You accidentally listed his apartment as your home address on an emergency contact sheet.

3. His roommates added your name to the chore wheel on the fridge.

4. When you text your roommate to let her know you’ll be at the apartment tonight, she texts back a pic of the “Welcome Home!” banner she hung across the living room.

5. You think of your own apartment as more of a shrine to your single self than a place you actually live.

6. Your landlord was surprised to get your latest rent check because she thought you’d moved out.

Couple looking at computer

7. You’ve never asked for his Netflix password because you’ve never actually needed to.

8. You lost your keys to your own place, and it took you three days to even notice.

9. Your last big “date night” out was just going back to your apartment for a change.

10. Your roommate reenacts those “Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home” videos whenever you drop by to change clothes.

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