Four little liars can’t keep a secret forever. And this is why, sadly, Pretty Little Liars fans across the globe, including super fan and four-time gold medalist, Simone Biles are grimacing at the fact that season seven of Pretty Little Liars will most likely be the last. PLL fans, don’t despair. Throwing a PLL series wrap party for you and your girl squad is the next best thing to finally figuring out who A is. You’d better believe there are still plenty of dark, dangerous and devious shadows lurking in Rosewood for the pretty liars to unmask and for us all to tweet about! They are going to reveal who all of the As, backup As and A-related secrets are… right? Before anything funny happens, let’s start this Pretty Little Wrap Up Party. It’s time to bring your A game!


1. An A Message: “Beep!” goes your phone as your heart sinks to your knee caps and you look down to see not a text from A (total sigh of relief), but instead a text from your bestie about these awesome DIY graphic donuts. They are perfect for recreating notes written by the anonymous and scary villain, A. You’ll be able to gobble these messages up in one bite. Take that, A! (via Studio DIY)


2. Only in Rosewood: Rosewood may be the only town where four pretty young ladies stumble upon crime scene after crime scene, body after body and witch hunt after witch hunt. When planning your PLL finale bash, incorporate the picturesque yet terrifying town known as Rosewood! It’s totally acceptable to be inspired by Halloween silhouettes and things that go bump in the night. (via Oh Joy!)


3. Forensic Decor: The world of PLL, aside from its always on-point fashion, is a little dark. Okay, it’s *a lot* dark. The classic character of A running around in his/her/its black hoodie and gloves uniform is as iconic as the show’s opening tune. Be sure to create a few “Missing Girl” posters for your party. Want to get really crafty? Instead of putting Alison’s picture on the posters, put your friends’ faces on them. (via BuzzFeed)


4. A Piece of Cake: A is known for his/her/its ingenious ways of sending Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily cryptic messages. This darling little cake looks harmless on the outside — that is, until you and your guests want a slice. While this cake doesn’t bite, there are no promises that A doesn’t. (via Popsugar)


5. Ice-ScreAm Floats: More than likely, the show’s finale will have you screaming into your pillows as all of Rosewood’s secrets are revealed (fingers crossed). So an ice cream float will quench your parched palette. Instead of a plain old ice cream float, let’s call it an ice ScreAm float with a hidden motive. Giggles, -A. (via Sugar and Cloth)


6. Girl Squad Balloons: PLL wouldn’t have been such a runaway hit if it wasn’t for the show’s four main characters’ friendship. Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily are the definition of girl squad. Truly, their bond is so tight that T-Swift needs to fill out an application to join. (via Studio DIY)


7. For Your BFFs: Commemorate the evening by gifting your gal pals these DIY wax BFF necklaces to pledge allegiance to each other’s friendship. You’ll totally feel like Ali in season one when she gave the girls matching purple beaded bracelets. (via Aww, Sam)


8. A Is Watching: Does it ever feel like you’re being watched? Tell it to Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily. If not A, someone from Team A most definitely is. Create a creepily hilarious concept of A watching you watch the finale of Pretty Little Liars with googly eyes. Just remember to sleep with one eye open, pretties. (via Oh Happy Day).


9. Loverlyphoto Pretty Little Print ($18): Incorporating fun fan art into your PLL view party is a sweet way to end the series and have something as a keepsake from then after.


10. Chill Pills: After the final scene airs on PLL, you and your pals are going to need some chill pills in the form of sweet sugary sprinkles iced to A perfection! (via Oh Happy Day)


11. Parting Favors: The tears have fallen, the girls have (hopefully) silenced the A Team for the final time and you’re coming to terms with your favorite show ending. Before you and your pals fall in a show hole, give away these pretty monogrAmmed glass flower jars you had decorating your goodbye party. A always had a thing for presents. (via A Bubbly Life)

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