With the new year already underway, now is a great time to start getting organized. Even though we love planning out our lives in our paper planner, we also need some organization hacks on-the-go… both for our digital lives and our real lives. That’s why we’re super excited to share our top apps for organizing our ish — from passwords to family life to must-reads.

Apps for Organizing Your Digital Life


1. Last Pass: For the gal who uses the “forgot password” function a little too frequently, this app is definitely a must-download. It makes it easy to stay organized by storing all your passwords and logins in the LastPass Vault, generating new strong passwords and tracking your personal information all in one secure place. Plus, it autofills web browsers AND apps for a hassle-free login.

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2. Notion Email Intelligence: A messy inbox can really slow down your productivity. This cool email organizer learns from your behavior to make your most important emails stand out. The rest (spam, shopping coupons, etc.) are grouped together for a faster clean up.

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3. Unroll.Me: While we LOVE subscribing to our fave companies’ newsletters, sometimes it can be a tad annoying going through 20+ of them every damn day. With this cool app, you can easily unsubscribe to unwanted newsletters and compile all your favorites into one convenient daily digest.

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4. Documents 5: Organizing documents on-the-go can be a pain in the butt… that is, until you download this neat app. With the ability to read, listen, view and annotate almost EVERYTHING, it’s the perfect way to get organized for the new year.

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5. Simpler: Say goodbye to the days of duplicate contacts. This free app merges all your duplicate phone contacts with a single tap. Plus, you can back up your contacts and do a quick search too. Score!

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6. Pocket: Reading articles online is great… but organizing them can definitely clutter your bookmark bar. That’s what makes this app so genius. Pocket is a place to quickly save, discover and recommend new stories that you find just about anywhere — Sarari, Twitter, Flipboard… you name it!

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Apps for Organizing Your IRL Schedule


7. Todoist: Whatever’s on your to-do list, this handy app will help you check it ALL off. You can organize and keep track of projects, quickly view and prioritize tasks, assign due dates and share your lists with all your peeps for easy collaboration.

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8. Taskrabbit: Let’s be honest: Finding the time to put together that pesky IKEA furniture just isn’t going to happen in our busy girlboss schedule. For those days when you need a quick hand, try hiring a Tasker to do the work for you. From handywoman jobs to organizing EVERYTHING, there’s a Tasker out there ready to tackle all of your dirty work.

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9. 24me: This app puts your calendars, to-do lists, notes and personal accounts all in one place. It reminds you about what is coming up next and automatically takes care of things like bills for you — just like a real personal assistant! Heck, it even alerts you about the right time to leave for your midday meeting based on traffic conditions. The only thing it won’t do for you is get your Starbucks…

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10. Remember the Milk: For the lady who always has at least three to-do lists on the go, this convenient app is definitely a must-download. Get reminded of your lists via email, text, IM or Twitter, share your lists with others and organize it the way you like (by priority, due date, tags, etc.).

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11. Picniic: If you need a good family organizer, look no further. Picniic is a sweet new app where all of your tech-savvy fam jam can access and update each other’s daily events. With a shared family calendar, shopping lists, family locator and medical records all included in one place, it’s the perfect thing to manage your family life for 2017.

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12. Shifty: Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, construction worker or retail lady, this app is great for anyone doing shift work. Unlike ordinary calendars, Shifty makes it super easy to plug in your ever-changing sched. Simply tap to mark your work days and export shifts all at once with the same start and end times.

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