We love us some wine: After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than a nice glass of vino (or two!) to help us unwind. But as anyone who’s ever picked up a bottle only to be utterly disappointed by its taste knows, not all wines are created equal. Depending on your taste buds, a sweet Riesling may not sit so well with your dry palate (or vice versa). Lucky for us, there’s a brand new service called Vinome to take the guesswork out of the equation by making recommendations based on your DNA. Whoa.

As it turns out, “your wine palate is defined by your senses of taste and smell” and “these senses, in turn, are largely defined by your genetics.” With more than 400 genes making up the cells in your tongue and nose to help differentiate between different flavors and scents, that means that “even small variations in the DNA code for these genes can result in big changes in the way you perceive tastes and smells,” accounting for why your penchant for rosé isn’t shared by your sister, for instance.

Vinome’s scientists tried to hone in on those genetic variations linked to taste and smell by looking at dozens of existing scientific studies before conducting their own. Inviting hundreds to take part in their experiment, Vinome’s team tested their DNA before having them rank various wines and answering questions about their personal taste preferences. The results were then analyzed to be turned into a “custom wine matching algorithm.”

It’s this algorithm, combined with a DNA test powered by Helix ($110), that the company uses to create your very own wine preference profile. Once you’ve found your perfect match, you’ll be able to shop the site’s online store for vino ($16-$45) that’s uniquely tailored to your palate, making sure you’ll receive the right bottle for you, everytime.

What’s more, Vinome promises that like ratings in Netflix, the service only gets more accurate with use, using your feedback on each bottle you try to help tweak your profile.

It’s official: We’re intrigued. Where do we sign up?

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