With 2016 basically being a giant dumpster fire, it has been pretty hard to get into the holiday spirit. With both Hanukkah and Christmas 10 days away and almost daily holiday parties, you鈥檇 think that we鈥檇 be ready for all the cheer that this season has to offer. Unfortunately some of us aren鈥檛 quite feeling festive. So what better way than to get ourselves into that ho-ho-ho mood than with 20 of our favorite holiday jams to lift our spirits?

1. 鈥淐hristmas Wish鈥 by She & Him: This sweet little carol by She & Him (AKA Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) appears on their Christmas album, which is filled with covers as well as original songs. This one is romantic and vintage-country sounding. Perfect for cozying up while drinking your eggnog.

2. 鈥淐hristmas Lights鈥 by Coldplay: This is another one of those songs for curling up by the fire and relaxing. Although it鈥檚 a little bit sad (aren鈥檛 all Coldplay songs just a little bit sad?), this is definitely one that we could listen to over and over again.

3. 鈥淎ll I Want For Christmas Is You鈥 by Mariah Carey: This would not be a worthwhile list without this absolutely perfect classic song. It was recently even redone with Justin Bieber, but there鈥檚 truly noting better than the original.

4. 鈥8 Days of Hanukkah鈥 by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: There aren鈥檛 many Hanukkah songs, but RnB legend Sharon Jones sings this groovy song celebrating 8 days of love, which is exactly what all of us need right now.

5. 鈥淟ast Christmas鈥 by Wham!: Way back in the 鈥80s, English pop icon George Michael was in a band called Wham! and 鈥淟ast Christmas鈥 has been a holiday staple ever since. This song has been covered by everyone, even Tay-Tay herself, but we need to shout out the classic here.

6. 鈥淎ll I Need is Love鈥 by CeeLo feat. The Muppets: How can you not love anything The Muppets are in? This is definitely one for your dance party playlist.

7. 鈥淐hristmas in Hollis鈥 by Run DMC: If you watched The Get Down on Netflix this year, you鈥檙e definitely rocking this Run DMC jam from back in the day while baking your cookies, right?

8. 鈥淪omewhere Only We Know鈥 by Lily Allen: While this isn鈥檛 exactly a Christmas song, it鈥檚 moodiness and uplifting piano melody make it perfect to listen to on Christmas morning. The Brits seem to agree, since they used this song in a famous holiday commercial way back in 2013.

9. 鈥淢istletoe鈥 by Justin Bieber: Way back before the public meltdowns, punching fans and the Selina Gomez split, Bieber was adorable, as this little holiday ditty can attest. Can we bring back cute 2011 Biebs, please?

10. 鈥淪anta Tell Me鈥 by Ariana Grande: What can we say about Ariana Grande that hasn鈥檛 already been said? She鈥檚 constantly surprising everyone with her comedy stylings and she absolutely sleighs this song (see what we did there?).

11. 鈥淚 Wish it Was Christmas Today鈥 by Julian Casablancas and Jimmy Fallon: Way back in the early 2000s, Jimmy Fallon did a Christmas Sketch on SNL, and the song was mega catchy. Flash forward to 2009, and The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas releases the song as a single. This is definitely a classic.

12. 鈥淢erry Christmas, Happy Holidays鈥 by *NSYNC: Before JT was JT, he was 鈥渢he young one鈥 from *NSYNC. This one gives us so many memories!

13. 鈥淟ittle Drummer Boy鈥 by Pentatonix: Leave it to acapella geniuses Pentatonix to put such a catchy spin on this holiday classic. Everything they touch is pure gold, and this song is no different.

14. 鈥淲onderful Christmas Time鈥 by Paul McCartney: We just love this Christmas song. It鈥檚 catchy, fun and perfect for any playlist

15. 鈥淐hristmas Wrapping鈥 By The Waitresses: Talk about throwback! This is one of our favorite 鈥80s Christmas songs. We can鈥檛 believe no one has tried to do a cover yet.

16. 鈥淒o They Know it鈥檚 Christmas (2014)鈥 by Band Aid 30: Back in the 鈥80s, the original version of this song had all of the day鈥檚 top pop stars come together for the first charity single ever. In 2014, a bunch of new musicians decided to get together and release the song for a modern audience. While the new version may have more faces that you鈥檇 know, we recommend checking out the OG version.

17. 鈥淗APPY XMAS (War is Over)鈥 By John Lennon and Yoko Ono: If there were ever a year where this song needed a replay, 2016 would be it.

18. 鈥淭he Hanukkah Song鈥 By Adam Sandler: While this is a 鈥渃omedy鈥 song, it鈥檚 definitely one of our favorite Hanukkah songs!

19. 鈥淐hristmas (Baby Please Come Home)鈥 by U2: This is one of those songs that gets in your head, but you don鈥檛 ever complain about it. We love this old school U2 song from before the band became super mega stars.

20. 鈥淗ave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas鈥 by Sam Smith: This is such a haunting and romantic version of the classic song that we can鈥檛 get enough.

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(Photo by James Devaney/Getty)