Snow flurries will be creeping in before you know it, and the halls of your Instagram feed will be decked with all things holiday. In the spirit of the season and our undying love for winter fashion and food, we’re celebrating with 13 iconic Instagram posts of the holiday season.

1. Layering: Oh, layers. You make getting dressed so much more fun. So many mashups. So many options. Can winter last forever? (via @songofstyle)

2. Homemade Wreaths: Why go plastic when you can go real? Gather some of nature’s finest greenery and make your own wreath this winter. (via @designlovefest)

3. Beanies: Knit headwear is the best coverup for a bad hair day and instantly amps up your look. If you need tips on how to wear winter headwear, we have plenty. (via @ootdmagazine)

4. Killer Knits: Bust out those chunky sweaters, pile on the scarves and cozy up to winter style. (via @woolandthegang)

5. Snow: Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that fluffy snow makes for some killer photo ops. (via @kelloggshow)

6. Egg Nog: Do you like a little spike to your nog? Us too. There are a ton of ways to dress up your nog, even without the booze if you choose. (via @designsponge)

7. Gift Wrapping: The best way to cover up a so-so gift is with stellar wrapping. JK, you’re probably a great gift-giver, but there’s no reason not to wrap it like a pro. (via @bursariaworkshop)

8. Holiday Manis: Fashion goes all the way to your fingertips. We love perusing people’s seasonal manis in search of inspiration for our next nail adventure. (via @sfpartynails)

9. Cocktails: What would the holidays be without a boozy party… or 10? We love mixing up new winter cocktails. (via @britandco)

10. Baked Heaven: You can’t get the all-around nostalgic smell of winter without something spiced baking away in the oven. (via @vancouverpiehole)

11. Winter Whites: We’re wearing white after Labor Day — what are you going to do about it? Think of it as the most fashionable way to blend in with the snow. (via @chiaraferragni)

12. Christmas Trees: We’re not heading out to the Christmas tree farms quite yet, but you can bet we’re getting prepared to deck all of the halls. This is a wall tree we made, and there’s plenty more where that came from. (via @britandco)

13. Santa’s Lap: Kids can’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap, even if when they finally do, they erupt in tears. But we’ve never seen a kid too tuckered for Santa. We have to say it’s more adorable than those crying photos. (via @natsnextadventure)

What’s holiday Instas do you give the instant double-tap? Let us know in the comments!