If you鈥檝e ever been bummed about not getting more likes on a post, this one鈥檚 for you. When it comes to the 鈥gram, it鈥檚 all about hearts, comments, shares, and getting that *perfect* photo. If you鈥檙e still in the dark about how to do that, follow these pro tips for making your Insta look It-girl approved. There鈥檚 a reason they have thousands of followers, after all.

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1. Heidi Nazarudin of @TheAmbitionista (438K followers): 鈥淭reat Instagram like a first date. Meaning it鈥檚 you, but the best version of you, so be picky about photos and post only the most amazing content. Likewise, your captions should be personable and positive overall. Save the rants for Instastory or, better yet, Twitter.鈥

鈥淗ave a theme. This can be a color palette (mine is a lot of hot pink, black, white, and gold), but some people use the same filters, some post with a pineapple in each photo, some only wear white, and some post only quotes, but the best IG feeds definitely have a theme. It might take you a while to figure this out, but whatever it is make sure it鈥檚 something you can commit to for long periods.鈥

鈥淯se apps like Prime and Planoly that allow you to plan your grid and get a uniform look to your photos. These apps help you get your feed to that next level, and as someone who not only manages her own feed but oversees about 50+ Instagram accounts via my branding agency Marque Media, I can definitely tell you these apps are worthwhile investments.鈥

2. Lara Eurdolian of @PrettyConnected (47.7k followers): 鈥淚 shoot most of my images with the Sony A6000 camera, which has a built-in WiFi network and connects to my iPhone so I can share photos in real time. It boosts the quality and takes cleaner shots then my camera phone, so the image quality is better.鈥

鈥淚f I am shooting with my phone, good lighting and clean backdrops are key (I try to avoid people in the background)! Landscapes, pretty backgrounds, or solid colors do well for me, and if I鈥檓 doing a flat lay, the composition makes a difference and details (a cool prop or eye-catching candle or notebook with a funny saying) are key.鈥

鈥淎nything with copy on the image does terribly, so I try to keep any invites or writing to the caption.鈥

3. Kellie Brown of @ItsMeKellieB (37.5k followers): 鈥淐olor correcting is key. If a photo needs a light brightening, contrast, or sharpening, it makes a big difference. Taking the extra step is worth it!鈥

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鈥淔ollowers love authenticity, so in addition to the 鈥榩erfect photo,鈥 they like a mix of real moments or things that don鈥檛 seem planned, like a good mirror OOTD!鈥

鈥淧ay attention to what people respond to and give them what they want. They trust your voice and your style, so they are looking to you for certain things. Don鈥檛 deny them.鈥

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