It鈥檚 easy enough to tell your partner that you appreciate them year round, but 鈥檛is the season for true thanks-giving 鈥 and Thanksgiving! As you kick off the holidays, don鈥檛 forget to take a deep breath and remember all the things that you appreciate. If your S.O. is on that list, now is the time to let them know loud and clear!

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We鈥檙e here to remind you to step back this month and share your gratitude for that special person with a little added oomph and intention. Here are some simple ideas for how you can go out of your way to demonstrate your appreciation:

1. Cook up a Thanksgiving fave a few days early. Sure, your bae鈥檚 mom might make the best pumpkin pie in the game, but who says you have to endure holiday travel and family drama before you can dig into your favorite seasonal treat? Don鈥檛 wait for November 24 鈥 surprise your sweetie with their best-loved Thanksgiving food early! If you aren鈥檛 ready to try your hand at one of their family鈥檚 dishes, maybe now is the time to whip up something delicious from your own family鈥檚 repertoire.

2. Put your thanks in a frame. Capture a moment in time that made you particularly grateful for your S.O., and give it to them as a memento. It鈥檚 a special but simple way to share a tangible piece of your collective history that will show that you pay attention to the important memories you share. Drop the perfect photo in a frame, or try your hand at a DIY photo gift for a little extra flair. If you鈥檙e traveling separately for Turkey Day, this would make the perfect 鈥渟ee ya later鈥 gift.

Their love keeps away the autumn chill

3. Swear off screens for an afternoon. We know it鈥檚 going to be tough to step away from Netflix this Thanksgiving, or maybe you just like to keep your phone on hand in case of the perfect #foodgram opportunity, but we challenge you to step away from your screens in favor of quality time with your significant other. Make a date with your partner and commit to spending that time focused on them, without the distractions of apps or social media. For once, you鈥檒l be sure that your S.O. feels they are just as interesting to you as your best friend鈥檚 latest Tweet!

4. Send a surprise to the office. Even if your bae isn鈥檛 big on gifts, getting a surprise delivery at work makes everyone feel special! Whether you take the cutesy route with a simple DIY card or go bigger with an early holiday present, your S.O. will feel totally appreciated thanks to your efforts. As an added benefit, they鈥檒l be the center of their coworkers鈥 attention, so the whole office will appreciate them a little extra for a day too.

5. Invite your S.O.鈥檚 friends over to kick off the holiday season. Want to go one step beyond showing your partner that you appreciate them this November? Show them that you appreciate their friends too! It will mean the world to them to see you connecting with their pals 鈥 and your top-notch hosting skills will win brownie points with the whole crew. Don鈥檛 let your small entertaining space slow you down. You鈥檝e got this!

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