Attention all moms! Back-to-school season is upon us and as always, there is probably a lot to do. Your kids’ summer schedules are still in full swing but it’s also time to prepare for the coming school year. Moms, we all know you are superheroes, but even superheroes need secret weapons to help them get through each day.

One tool we all love here at Brit + Co is the trusty planner which is why we are beyond excited to present our own line of planners at Target (available in-store and online, hooray!). The planners are fully customizable with an array of inserts and accessories to make yours fit your every need. Read on to see the top five must-have planner accessories that will help you stay organized this back-to-school season.


1.  Brit + Co® Coloring Page Inserts ($3): Yeah, kids have phones and tablets and such, but there’s nothing quite like coloring on paper. Instead of toting a coloring book around all the time, add these coloring page inserts in your planner for an on-the-go activity. Next time you and your kids are at a doctor’s office or even worse, the DMV, and are bounded to wait for a bit, whip out your planner and colored pencils to help pass the time.

2.  Brit + Co® Calendar Page Inserts ($3): Monthly calendar pages are an obvious necessity for planners. We especially love these inserts because they come blank so you can start a planner any month of the year. As a mom, you’re juggling multiple people’s schedules as well as your own. Use different colored highlighters and markers for each family member’s schedule to help manage everything.

3.  Brit + Co® Dry Erase Board Insert ($2): Having a lightweight dry erase board in your planner is one of those things that you never thought you needed until you got one. Use the board as a to-do list, a meal-prep chart or just as a fun place to doodle. No matter what you write on it, you can always erase and start again.

4.  Brit + Co® Pocket Folder Inserts ($4): Pockets make everything better, from clothing to planners. Snap these pocket folder inserts in your planner to store receipts of things you need to return, notes from your kids or letters you need to mail out.

5.  Brit + Co® Mini Washi Tape ($6): What a wonder washi tape is. The Brit + Co Washi Tape sets are oh so cute. Print out your favorite family photos of the summer and use washi tape to attach and frame them to your planner. When life gets busy and your planner is packed with to-dos, turn to the pages of photos to remember happy memories.

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Photo Styling: Irene Lee
 Photography: Chris Andre