Baby namers desperate for an original choice have always begged us for our top-secret list of names that nobody but nobody else has. You know, the truly wonderful baby names with deep history and wide appeal that somehow remain completely undiscovered.


The only problem was we didn’t have such a list… until now. Then we decided to run the new 2016 extended list of baby names from the Social Security Administration — all the baby names recorded in the US last year — against the complete list of names in our own database. What’s left is an accounting of names that were used for NO children in 2016, a collection of truly unique baby names.

But the list still contained nearly 5,000 names, so we had to narrow it further. What are the best, most usable choices among the names that were given to zero babies?

Here are 50 picks from our unique list of unique names. You may well find as many names here that you consider ridiculous as you feel are wonderful. But there are enough true gems in a range of styles — from deeply historic to futuristic, traditional to invented — that most adventurous baby namers will find one to suit their taste.


1. Araminta

2. Artemesia

3. Branwen

4. Capucine

5. Circe

6. Dancer

7. Endellion

8. Eulalie

9. Frostine

10. Ianthe

11. Kerensa

12. Leocadia

13. Mazarine

14. Minette

15. Nephele

16. Ottoline

17. Petronilla

18. Remember

19. Rhonwen

20. Sheherazade

21. Signy

22. Thaddea

23. Undine

24. Whimsy

25. Zephyrine


1. Auberon

2. Averill

3. Bas

4. Beach

5. Cassio

6. Corentin

7. Drummer

8. Falconer

9. Gulliver

10. Humphrey

11. Kermit

12. Land

13. Merce

14. Mingus

15. Night

16. Osgood

17. Pim

18. Piran

19. Romilly

20. Roone

21. Septimus

22. Thibault

23. Traveler

24. Umberto

25. Whistler

Click here to see the full list of 100 unique names.

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This post was previously published on Nameberry by Pamela Redmond.

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