The best way to figure out how to “have it all” is to ask the women who make it seem possible. Because while no one can really have it all, their easy-to-follow life hacks certainly make it seem that way. That’s why we partnered with Ford to celebrate the launch of the First-Ever* 2018 EcoSport at the Life Hack Academy brunch in Los Angeles — to bring together a group of powerful entrepreneurs to discuss their hacks for balancing a busy life and navigating the path to success.

*US/Canada Markets

Pictured: Whitney Port, Brittany Xavier, Sona Gasparian, Jaclyn Johnson, Liz Cherkasova, Jacey Duprie, Grasie Mercedes

Tia Mowry (yes, one of the fabulous stars of the ‘90s classic Sister, Sister) is no slouch when it comes to life hacks. She’s got a YouTube series called Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, where she shares all of her tips and quick solutions for everyday challenges, from organizing your home to carving out me-time on even the busiest days.

She sat down with our very own Brit Morin and a group of women who are movers and shakers in the realms of business, fashion, and beauty at the gorgeous Lew House in the Hollywood Hills to discuss what we all can do to make our paths to success a little easier.

Planes, trains, and automobiles are just a part of daily life for a lot of us, whether we’re flying to a new city for work or going through our daily commute. These are some of our favorite tips for living life on-the-go.**

** Don’t drive distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice controls.

*Don’t drive distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice controls.

When you’re busy, it means you don’t always have time for an elaborate makeup or skincare routine. But when you still want to get a little fresh-faced glow on, you can use these simple hacks.

Keeping your morning routine to a minimum is essential if you want to have a productive day. If you’re burning the midnight oil at work, getting up and at ’em in the morning can be a struggle, but these hacks make it a whole lot easier.

Keeping your life together when you’re always working and on-the-go can seem tricky, but when you ask other successful women for help, you can find tons of easy solutions to your everyday problems. Whether it’s driving a car that keeps you organized and connected so you can conduct business anytime, anywhere, or making mealtime simple and healthy, having it all has never seemed more possible.

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Author: Justina Huddleston
Photography: Kristine Lo