Few can deny the magnificence of California. I mean, it has beaches, it has mountains, it has celebrities and it has avocados. Oh, and it’s home to Brit HQ! Really, what more could you need? ;) If you love CA like we do, then you’ll definitely dig these eight prints we’ve rounded up from the B+C Shop. Keep calm and keep California dreamin’, baby!

1. “I Love You California” Blanket Print ($45): California loves you, too! And we love this colorful print of our state mascot hugging Cali like we all would if we could.

2. You Are Here SF ($40): Nothing like that emblematic Golden Gate Bridge, huh? Celebrate SF with this unique shot of one of the most photographed bridges ever.

3. Santa Cruz Surf Map ($42): Our very own Santa Cruz has some of the most sought after waves in the world, so why not brag about ‘em? We feel like all the cool and casual surfer kids should have this map hanging on their wall.

4. Rise and Shine, San Francisco ($30): Sweet, sweet San Francisco. We may be (hella) biased, but SF probably has the prettiest cityscape, like, ever. Honey & Bloom’s minimalist interpretation does it justice, don’t you think?

5. State Art Print ($16): 1Canoe2 makes quirky and cute prints of all 50 states, but their take on CA is especially rad. Say yes to the golden state of mind!

6. San Francisco Print ($40): Hello again, you gorgeous bridge, you! Arts District Printing Co. yet again brings the noise when it comes to celebratory San Francisco prints.

7. American Atlas – The West ($35): This topographical illustration is just as informative as it is charming. West Coast = Best Coast :)

8. CA Home is Where the Heart Is ($50): Last but not least is this super sweet and simple print by Idlewild Co. It’s got typography, it’s got hand-laid gold foil (!), and it’s got the best state ever. ‘Nuff said.

Which Cali-centric print is your favorite? Share away in the comments below!