Baby, it’s cold outside — which means it’s officially time to research some warm-weather destinations, pack your bags and get the hell outta Dodge. But before you start dreaming of sun-kissed skin and beachy hair, you best get the skinny on how to pack your beauty essentials. Who better to turn to for expert travel beauty tips than blogger and all-around style guru, Amber Fillerup Clark of the Barefoot Blonde fame? Scroll below for Amber’s must-follow tips, tricks and hacks to make sure that your beauty game stays on point while you’re away.


1. Always pack a dryer sheet (or two) with your toiletries. You will be amazed at how any ways you can use this tip. Rub a dryer sheet on your hair or clothing to reduce static cling. Or swipe away deodorant marks that get on clothing (who knew?!). Not to mention you can place a sheet in with your dirty clothes to keep your suitcase smelling fresh. Win. Win.


2. Fill a contact case with liquid foundation. Foundation is something we always travel with, but no brands seem to make travel-sized bottles. Foundation is historically heavy and takes up a ton of much-need space. We love this hack because it holds the perfect amount of product and you can even take two shades (one in each side), in case you’re going somewhere warm where your skin color will change.


3. Pack a mini hair brush. There is no need to bring a full size one — so just pack a mini one, and you can even keep it in your purse during the day so you can brush through your hair on the go.


4. Create an on-the-go medicine cabinet. Simply fill a pill case with a range of medications as needed. This is also something that you can throw into your purse once you reach your destination so it’s always available.


5. Turn a plastic Easter egg into a makeup blender case. Amber’s beauty blender is one of her favorite makeup items. However, it tends to get dirty pretty quickly. To avoid smashing it or having it spread foundation through your bag, simply store it in a plastic Easter egg (the only problem is you’re gonna wish there was candy inside!).


6. Stick a cotton pad in all powder products. There is nothing more depressing than opening your makeup to discover the product has cracked during travel. Placing a cotton pad in each product will provide some extra cushioning to help you avoid a sad mess.


7. Place plastic wrap under all bottle lids. This will create leak-proof storage for your liquids, because let’s face it — there is NOTHING worse than opening up your toiletries to discover that everything is wet and half of your product is already gone!


8. Pack multi-use makeup products. Amber loves sticks that can double for a cheek stain and lip color (there are even some that can also be used for eyeshadow). She also uses a powder eyeshadow on her brows and as an eyeliner by wetting a liner brush and then dabbing it in eyeshadow before applying.


9. Try to avoid packing the full size of any products. Many brands (hair and makeup) sell travel-size products (Sephora has a travel size of almost everything!). Amber often buys the travel size and will continue to refill the bottles for products like shampoo, conditioner and setting spray. Products that can’t be refilled (concealer, eyeshadow, lipgloss, etc.) last a while anyway since you aren’t using them for long periods at a time.


10. Always pack dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is one of those products Amber can’t live without. She loves to have it when she travels because it can extend any hairstyle for a few days. Who wants to spend time showering/getting ready when you can be on the beach or exploring a new place? Good point, Amber!

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(Photos via Barefoot Blonde)