Times have been tough for American Apparel recently. So tough that the company actually had to file for bankruptcy earlier this week. And although that news made us quite nostalgic over some of our all-time favorite pieces we鈥檝e bought from the brand throughout the years, we were relieved to know that they鈥檙e not closing up shop just yet. In fact, they just released a new Halloween campaign that鈥檚 pretty epic 鈥 especially if you and your squad are looking to put together a throwback group costume this October 31st.


In the nostalgia-filled lookbook, you鈥檒l find a few of the obvious throwback choices like the cast of Clueless (cleverly titled by AA as 鈥溾90s princesses鈥), a 鈥70s roller disco duo and some predictably skintight 鈥80s outfits. But you鈥檒l also spot some more obscure options like a group of 1982 New Wave fans, 鈥90s club kids and even a pair of Edwardian-inspired (and American Horror Story approved) twins.


Like they do every year, AA has taken each costume idea and broken them down into individual pieces from their shop that you can add to your cart right now. For example, if you鈥檙e digging that confetti-inspired roller disco outfit, grab the Printed Choker Top ($38) and Cotton SpandexJersey Leggings ($32) and your costume is good to go. Well, you know, except for the roller skates.


If you want to invest in a few AA pieces you know you鈥檒l definitely wear again after October 31st, try dressing up as someone from the 鈥90s princess group whose looks consists of a few grungy inspired pieces that are all totally on trend. Whether you actually decide to buy these pieces from AA or not, it鈥檚 definitely worth taking a look at these throwback ideas to get that Halloween costume ideas brainstorm fully up and running.

What鈥檚 your favorite costume from this campaign? Share with us in the comments below.