10 Balayage Color Ideas You Need to Try This Fall

As you may already know, at Brit + Co we love a little balayage for summertime hair. For those of you in the dark, balayage, a technique that gets its name from the French word for “to paint” or “to sweep,” involves stylists free-handing color application, straying from the foils and letting the color soak all the way through at the ends of your strands. The result is a deeply personalized and natural-looking dye job — the perfect way to brighten up your fall look. Stylists praise the technique for its soft and natural effect, which means a seamless transition when your hair starts to grow out. No need to worry about touching up those roots, ladies. Scroll down to see our favorite balayage styles for fall.

1. Blonde: Looking for the best way to grow out that bleach-blonde dye job? Bring on the balayage. We love how delicate this color looks on the ever-popular long bob. (Photo via Conlee Borchard)

2. Sky Blue: Don’t be afraid to be bold this fall with a mermaid-inspired sky blue hue. The balayage effect gives a more natural appeal to this daring style.

3. Brown: Lean into your hair length with a deep brown balayage treatment that fades to a bright honey blonde. Balayage will let you test drive a lighter color without giving you a shock in the salon chair. (Photo via Stylish Bloggers)

4. Green: Dark-haired beauties can easily pull off playful colors with balayage. Non-traditional hues like this forest green get a sophisticated upgrade when paired with raven locks.

5. Curly: Natural, curly and wavy-haired girls, there’s no need to worry. Balayage is an all-inclusive style that looks good on all textures. We especially love this curly dark brown/blonde balayage because it brings out so much dimension. (Photo via Betty Ghebs)

6. Gray: Gray is no longer reserved for grannies, and fall 2016 is the season of dusty tones and muted hues. Opt for this color if you have a deep natural tone that needs a fashion-forward flair. (Photo via Etika Heath)

7. Bronde: Bronde is oh-so lovely for autumn. The lovely combo of dirty blonde and light brown complements most skin tones and is a great way to bring a little bit of sun-kissed summer into fall. All you need now is a pumpkin spice latte. (Photo via Macadamiea)

8. Burgundy: Rock a deep burgundy if you want to bridge the gap between light brown and a more dramatic red. Pair it with that summery bob and you’re set for fall. (Photo via Danielle Roble)

9. Lavender: This soft lavender is giving us all the feels. Streaks of pink and gray make it feel a little less harsh and contribute just the right amount of texture to the style.

10. Caramel: Another way for brown-haired ladies to go light is with an all-over caramel color. It’s not quite blonde, not quite brown and still not quite bronde. Caramel is a beauty all its own. Bonus points for matching those autumnal leaves.

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