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balayage 2023

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These 10 Hair Colors Will Be Huge in 2017

We’re predicting hot hues for 2017!


Balayage Upkeep — You Can DIY It

Balayage hair is primarily the natural, sun-kissed look.

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Balayage Hair — It’s Not Just for Celebs

We can’t get enough of balayage, the hair-color technique that ditches foils in favor of free-handed color application. Balayage, from the French “to sweep”, describes the technique, where the colorist sweeps color through your tresses using highlights only on specific strands in order to mimic nature and the way light naturally hits hair. The result is authentic looking, […]


Use a Balayage Hair Technique to Amp Up Your Color

  Before balayage was a hair trend it was just a technique — freehanded dye-painting that allowed a colorist to create soft, natural-looking highlights. But the look can be anything but natural if you are into shockingly amped-up colors like purple, blue, turquoise, red, aqua or any other color of the rainbow that strikes you. It’s a dramatic departure from natural-looking, sun-kissed shades, for sure. Balayage meets ombre. So, how do you […]