Now that we’re back to business, there’s one to-do at the top of all our weekend lists. See the new Anchorman movie! Before we see the legend continue, let’s take a moment to gawk and giggle at these 15 products, inspired by the classiest anchor around, Ron Burgundy.

1. Anchorman Prints ($16 and up): We’ll start things off with our cast of characters, and some of their hilarious lines. We’ve got Brian FantanaChamp KindBrick Tamland, and, of course, Ron Burgundy.

2. Ron Burgundy Flask ($17): Simple, subtle, and probably filled with scotch.

3. You’re a Smelly Pirate Hooker ($55): Tell us how you really feel ;)

4. Talking Ron Burgundy Bobble Head ($10): Want the company and comfort of Mr. Burgundy on your desk at all times? This talking bobble head will tell you that he is kind of a big deal over and over again.

5. Sex Panther T-Shirt ($17): 60 percent of the time… it works every time. 

6. Ron Burgundy Bust ($28): Need. This. Now! It’s just bizarre enough to be awesome.

7. Shot Glass Set ($15): Whether you go for pleasure town or a burnt tongue, these shot glasses would be great for happy hour.

8. Anchorman Pencil Set ($15): Why do these exist? And why don’t we have them yet?

9. Sex Panther Cologne ($35): Try it, and be sure to let us know what kind of percentage you’re working with.

10. A Lamp in Love ($16 and up): Aww! According to this lamp, the feeling is totally mutual.

11. Anchorman iPhone Cases ($36 and up): The Baxter one is definitely our favorite.

12. Let Me Off at the Top! ($29): To learn just how Ronald became so classy, this book is a must-read.

13. Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ice Cream: Butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirls — nom!

14. Milk Was a Bad Choice ($20): Eek. It really was a bad choice.

15. Anchorman LEGO Man ($20): And finally, our favorite Anchorman find of ’em all. A LEGO Ron Burgundy!

Are you fan of Anchorman? Will you see the new one? Talk to us in the comments below.