On the list of the most fun things to do in life, it’s safe to say moving has never cracked the top ten. It’s stressful, time-consuming and expensive, and even if you’re moving into the ultimate dream home, there’s still an awful lot of work to be done before you can call it your own. Luckily, we’re sharing half a dozen apps to save you time, headaches and maybe even a little bit of cash while you’re hunting for your next abode.

Doorsteps Swipe

1. Doorsteps Swipe: Think of it as the Tinder of real estate tools: You can look for rentals or homes for sale and trust your gut instinct as you give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down during your search. It’s an easy way to keep track of what you’re interested in without continually scrolling past stuff you’re not.

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2. Zillow Rentals: Zillow is a more traditional but super user-friendly home search app, and now has a rental-only app too. You can use it to compare places, customize your search results and even reach out directly to landlords. Especially great in a hot rental market where things get snapped up quickly, that feature alone can save you time and help you lock down a place you love.

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3. Updater: Anyone who’s ever moved knows the agony of trying to remember all the places where you have to update your address. Banks, credit card companies, alma mater, catalog subscriptions, friends and family — the list goes on and on. This handy tool handles it all in one fell swoop and even files your official change-of-address form with the postal service. No more lost or returned mail for you!

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Moving Van

4. Moving Van: When it comes time to pack, even the most organized among us can get a little frazzled. This app helps us organize our stuff digitally, remembering what items went into each box, so we can easily find everything later. In the middle of a move, it’s the ultimate luxury to know exactly where all your stuff is from the moment it leaves your old place until the second you unpack it.

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5. Buddytruk: What if getting your stuff onto a moving truck were as easy as using Uber? Now it can be, thanks to this inventive app connecting users with registered drivers willing to use their vehicles to help people move their stuff. While it might not be ideal for, say, a three-roommate move from one end of the city to another, it may be the perfect solution for a one-bedroom move or some last-minute stuff that didn’t quite make it onto the original moving truck. It never hurts to have a backup!

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6. BHG Arrange-a-Room: It’s maddening to think you’ve got your new layout all figured out, and then once you move in — oops! The couch is four inches too long. BHG’s desktop app helps you arrange each room using exact measurements to make sure your best-laid plans don’t get foiled by a funky-sized window or a too-skinny corridor. When you’ve got it planned out in advance, you can keep decorating catastrophes to a minimum. Now if only there were an app that delivered a team of magical elves to your door to help with all that unpacking…

DL It: No need — it’s a free online tool.

For more ways to make life’s challenges a little simpler, be sure to check out the rest of our Upgrade Your Life series, where we’ve done all the legwork for you. You’re welcome!

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