Why’d you keep us waiting so long, Apple? Rumors had been swirling for a while that we could expect some new MacBooks very soon, but when last month’s Apple Event came and went without so much as a peep about them, we knew we would have to wait. But now, some new reports are saying that Apple will unveil MacBook updates by the end of the month. We’re so close!! Here’s what to expect:

Photo of Macbook pro

It’s rumored that the new MacBook Pro will drop all the current ports and replace them with four USB-C ports. It could also get a sort of touch-sensitive strip above the keyboard that can be used for shortcuts and as a menu bar. The power button could also integrate some form of fingerprint scanning to allow secure log-on and Apple Pay functionality. Improved battery life is also rumored.

On the MacBook Air front, well, things don’t look good. It’s rumored that Apple will completely eliminate this line, starting with the 11-inch Air. But that probably won’t happen for awhile — or at least until Apple is able to replace it with another lower-cost laptop. On this year’s MacBook Air, we’ll probably see the consolidation of ports into one single USB-C port. The Air will get a new touchpad and probably that Touch ID sensor too.

Whatever happens, we won’t know confirmed details until Apple chooses to unveil their new products. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

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(h/t ZDNet; photos via Getty)