We’re all over the D’Orsay flats craze but lately we’ve been itching to embellish ’em up a little bit. It’s easy to go overboard in the craft department when it comes to adding beads, rhinestones, or sequins to your shoes, so we decided to take a step back and go for something super simple.

Read the ridiculously quick tutorial below to see how it’s done. It is so easy that it will totally make you want to dance ;)

 – D’Orsay flats (ours are from Zappos)

– flat back black pearl-style beads

 – lollipop stick, dowel, or small paint brush

– E-6000 glue

– painter’s tape or wax paper

The painter’s tape in this supplies shot is actually just to create a small workspace to squeeze out your glue. You could easily use a paper plate, jar cap, or something else.

Lay out your beads.

Squeeze a bit of glue onto your protected work surface. Use the lollipop stick to dab a very thin layer onto the back of your bead. Then press onto your shoe, starting with the middle bead. Work out from the middle based on your layout.

Press that last bead on and let dry for an hour before wearing. It’s best to really let them dry overnight before you take your new kicks out on the town.

Pretty fly, don’t you think?

They almost make you want to dance…

Boom! Beaded shoe GIF!

What other old shoes or accessories would you like to embellish? Tell us in the comments below.