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animated gif 2022

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How to Set the Table in Under 10 Seconds

Setting the table never looked so good.

Home DIY

WHOA. These Paintings Change Shape

If you like animated GIFs and a good throwback, you’ll love this.

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These Animated Cinemagraphs Are Like Living Photos

Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier’s cinemagraphs depict the living, breathing aspect of both city life and nature. Parts of the image remain quietly still, while others (like a river current or tall grasses) move normally.

Home News

Are Coubs the New GIFs? We Find Out!

When it comes to short-form media, we’re long-time fans and makers of the animated GIF. We’ve looped everything from Ryan Gosling to graffiti art. Well, now there is a new kid on the scene – Coub. Is it a new fad or the next meme-maker?


Say “I DO” With These 12 Beautiful Wedding GIFs

From glitter and balloons to flowy hair and magical moments, get inspired to make GIFs a part of your wedding album!


This Camera Doesn’t Just Take Photos, It Takes GIFs!

Turning your life into sweet little social videos is fun, but making your must-share moments play out as GIFs is way more fun. Now you can star in these starty-stoppy graphics thanks to OTTO, a retro-looking digital camera that lets you make instant animated GIFs and sends them straight to your smartphone.


T.GIF: Why Britney Spears is Our Spirit Animal, Dancing GIF Edition

When it comes to spirit animals, we’re not super strict about the “animal” part of the whole thing. Sometimes a really colorful pattern can be your spirit animal, sometimes an entire decade (read: the ’90s) and sometimes it’s just Britney, b*tch. So for this week’s installment of T.GIF, we present to you exactly what you didn’t know you needed: 12 Dancing Britney Spears GIFs. Happy Friday!