When you’re as wildly famous as Beyoncé, nothing is ever simple and straightforward, and that includes a pregnancy announcement. There’s plenty to consider before letting the world in on the big news, which is why some folks think that there may be a lot more to the pics than we first assumed (e.g. hidden messages and secret meanings). That’s also why plenty of fans think that Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement may weirdly have something to do with the Grammys.


With the year’s biggest music awards just over a week away, there are those who are wondering why Bey didn’t just wait to make her big announcement then and there.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that there’s a very good reason behind the decision. “She announced it this way before Grammy fittings and rehearsals, as she knew it would get out. She couldn’t repeat the same debut on the show like the [2011] VMAs and didn’t want it to take away from her Grammy wins and performance.”

The source added, “She wants Grammy night to be about celebrating the album and her work. Now she can get ready and perform on Grammy night without all the attention going to this.” That said, there will still no doubt be a heck of a lot of attention focused on Beyoncé at the awards, as everyone is eager to check out her look, her performance and that adorable baby belly.

And fans are HERE for it…

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(h/t Us Weekly; photo via Kevin Mazur/Getty)