Whether you like to keep your nail art simple, love the next-level creations of Instagram mani-stars, or even want to quit your job and become a nail art pro, we’re feeling your fingertip-decorating love. That’s why we we’re swooning over Blake Lively’s subtle nail art which we’re thinking would be absolutely perfect as a simple summertime go-to.

Showing off two nails with single triangles in a light pink (or perhaps a pinkish shade of “nude”) and her middle finger with a slightly more intricate line-divided design, she may have just been messing around with her nails, but she ended up with a look that’s not as messy as it is sweetly subtle. It’s also — in case you didn’t notice — the Deathly Hallows symbol, showing off Blake’s not-so-secret Potter obsession.

In case the symbol itself wasn’t enough to tip you off, she paired it with the caption, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Potter reference aside though, we might have to disagree: this simple look appears just as easy as it is tempting.

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(photo via Blake Lively/Instagram)