When it comes to bangs, we love ‘em but sometimes can’t really deal with them on those hot summer days. So what’s a fashionable fringed gal to do? Braid them away, of course! Here are three simple braided hairstyles to help get the bangs out of your way this summer. And if you’re in the midst of growing out your bangs, check out 3 ways to grow them out in style :)

Oo! And if you’re a braiding beginner, head here for the basics of French braids, fishtail braids and Dutch inside out braids.

French Braid Side Twist

1. Put your bangs into two sections off to the side of your head.

2. Begin by twisting the two sections together once or twice.

3. Now, just like you would with a French braid, begin picking up small sections of hair to add into the outer pieces of the original sections of hair as you continue to twist down the perimeter of your face.

3. Continue doing this all the way until you get to the ends of your hair and add a tiny elastic to secure the twisted section. Once you are done, section the remaining hair into three sections (including the twist you just finished as part of one of those three sections).

4. Braid these three sections together. When you get to the end take out the elastic that was holding the original section together and use it to elastic the new braid you just finished.

5. Pull out some strands of hair for a more unfinished, natural, less polished look.

Messy Braided Bangs

1. Start with a heavy side part and section your bangs into three strands to begin your French braid.

2. Continue on French braiding (pulling up pieces of your hair and adding them into the outside sections of the original braid while you continue braiding the original strands).

3. Use the end of your comb or brush and pull out small strands of hair to make this look more messy and tousled.

4. When you get to the point where the braid is towards the side of your head right around the point above your ear, secure it with a small elastic.

Bold Braided Bun

1. Begin by separating the front section of your hair — use your ears as a guide, pull everything in front of them forward.

2. Pull up the remaining hair to the top of your head using your brush to smooth out any bumps or fly away hairs.

3. Use a large elastic to put your hair into a messy top bun.

4. You are going to place small loose braids all throughout the front section and pull them back and around your messy bun. Start with a small section on the top center of your bangs.

5. Secure the braids by pinning them back into the messy bun.

6. Continue to braid the longer front side sections of your hair.

7. Wrap the finished braid back and around the bun and secure in place with bobby pin.

8. Whoomp, there it is!

9. Give your whole ‘do a once over with your favorite hairspray.


Which style is your favorite? What other hair tutorials do you want to learn? Talk to us in the comments below.