Once upon a time, we teamed up with Polyvore and asked YOU to design the next Brit Kit. We’re excited to present the winning Brit Kit! This fringe bracelet kit recently hit the B+C Shop… JUST in time for the holiday season as part of Brit Kit Collabs.

What are Brit Kit Collabs? Glad you asked! We teamed up with eight of our favorite makers, bloggers and designers to create a brand new set of nine exclusive Brit Kits, just in time for the holidays. Head to the shop to check ’em all out, and read on to learn all about Ann-Marie Robinson.

You can get the Tassel Fringe Necklace Kit right here in the shop for just $25! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our fringe necklace tutorial for more creative inspiration. Now, let’s meet this maker!

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and your company’s mission?

I am a wife, mother of twin boys. I work from home making Polyvore sets that are sponsored by different companies. I love to cook and DIY projects!

What inspires you to make?

My inspiration comes from things i see in magazines, Pinterest, and Polyvore. I love fashion and beauty products. I also live in a small coastal town with a very active artist’s colony. I get lots of inspiration from the people I meet and things I see here in Fairhope.

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other makers?

Just be yourself and trust your instincts. Everyone has something to offer in the world of creative minds!

What other creative hobbies do you have?

Well, as I said, I am very much a Polyvore addict! I love to create things on polyvore and see the reactions from my friends and the people I work for. I do love to cook for my family and do small DIY projects at home. I recently made my Halloween pumpkins more festive for the holidays with metallic craft paints.

The holidays are… time with my family and friends, and my favorite time of the year! I love to sit by our tree with my hubby and boys and sip hot cocoa and watch Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies..and yes, my hubby is so sweet he will watch them with me! :)

My favorite holiday tradition is… going on a ride around our little town, all bundled up in our coats and with our hot cocoa to look at all the christmas lights. We do this every year and every year we find a new favorite house. It’s our own little family tradition we started when our boys were babies.

No holiday meal is complete without… my grandmother’s homemade dressing. It is a simple cornbread dressing served with gravy and everyone LOVES it! My husband loves to make a turkey and dressing sandwich the next day with the leftovers!

My favorite thing to make during the holidays is… Christmas cookies with my kids. We make simple sugar cookies and have a contest to see who can decorate theirs the best! The winner gets to eat as many cookies as he/she wants! :)

My favorite holiday memory is… spending Christmas eve with my grandparents in Tuscaloosa. We always had to travel to see family on Christmas day and while that was great and we got to see all our cousins and stuff, I enjoyed the night before maybe just a little more. We spent that night with my other Grandparents, and had a simple meal, and we all got to open one gift and see what was in our stockings. Afterwards, we would load up in the family car and take my Grandmother out to see all the lights in the area. She loved that so much.

Deck the halls with… anything you want! I love traditional green and red but I also LOVE black, gold, silver and even pink for Christmas! I think whatever you do, do it with style and just enjoy your home and your family!

My favorite holiday movie is… National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We have watched that every year, even when I was in college, a big group of us would get together, have our cocktails and watch this movie and laugh until we cried. It will always be one of my faves! My kids now love it, too!

All I want for the holidays is… time with my family! My husband works offshore so we have to have our Christmas when he’s home and then we travel to see my family and friends in Tuscaloosa right after Christmas. I have a new nephew so I want to be with him as much as I can this year!

The best gift I have ever received is… my family. I don’t know what Christmas would be like without the love of my sweet husband and my two boys. They are all I need to have a wonderful holiday celebration.

My favorite way to spread holiday cheer is… to sing Christmas carols! I attend a Christmas cookie swap every year and we have wine, and make cookies and have so much fun singing and cooking and just being together!

Have you fallen in love with Ann-Marie yet? Head on over to the B+C Shop to snag her holiday kit!