Trying to eat mostly low-carb recipes, but don’t want to miss out on fun summer events like grill-outs and barbecues? No problem! When it comes to summer fare, arguably the most problematic food you’ll encounter when trying to eat Paleo is the ubiquitous bun. Buns. Are. Everywhere. But lucky for you, one of the trendiest Paleo-friendly recipes on Pinterest right now is the bunless barbecue bowl. While not necessarily strictly Paleo, these 10 recipes are perfect for anyone who wants to skip the bread but still enjoy the summertime eats.

1. BBQ Chicken Salad: Loaded with flavor, this bunless salad isn’t totally Paleo (it does call for tortilla strips), but it’s gluten- and bun-free. Instead, it comes chock full of ingredients like black beans, corn, chicken, barbecue sauce, and Ranch. (via Damn Delicious)

2. BBQ Lentil Mashed Potato Bowl: Here’s something a little different. This 100-percent-vegan recipe boasts all the flavors of barbecue combined with the warming, hearty texture of mashed potatoes. (via Grateful Grazer)

3. Spicy BBQ Chickpea and Crispy Polenta Bowls With Asparagus and Ranch Hummus: The thing about food bowls is that you can throw *basically* anything into them, and they’ll still taste delish. Case in point: This uber-nutritious food bowl featuring barbecue-flavored chickpeas, tomatoes, avocado, polenta, asparagus, and hummus. (via Half Baked Harvest)

4. Korean Barbecue Tofu Bowls With Stir-Fried Veggies and Quinoa: Now, we realize Korean barbecue is a whole separate animal from, say, barbecued ribs. But that doesn’t make it any less yummy. Take, for example, this traditional bowl packed with TONS of authentic and healthy flavor. (via Pinch of Yum)

5. Hawaiian BBQ Tofu Bowls: And you thought barbecue only had one flavor! In addition to the Korean barbecue bowl, we now have the Hawaiian barbecue bowl for your bun-free noming options. (via Emilie Eats)

6. BBQ Chicken Coleslaw Bowls: Now for something a little more traditional. This bun-free bowl features coleslaw, barbecue-marinated chicken, pickles, and avocado. (via Destination Delish)

7. Baked Barbecue Chicken Quinoa Bowls: These bowls use quinoa for their grain, making them even MORE protein-packed than rice bowls. Pro tip: Like most of the recipes on this list, you can pack this bowl up and take it with you to work, making it a perfect make-ahead lunch option. (via A Dash of Sanity)

8. Smokey BBQ Bowl: This is hardly the first vegan option on our list, but it definitely has a different flavor. If you like the taste of smoked foods, this one’s for you. (via My Darling Vegan)

9. BBQ Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potato Bowls: When you think about it, barbecue and sweet potato kind of complement each other. And this hearty bowl is the proof in the pudding. (via The Creative Bite)

10. Summer Baked Barbecue Bowl: Eat your color with this fresh and plant-based bowl. It’s packed with all the flavors of summer, from sweet corn to summer squash. (via Coffee and Quinoa)

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