Admit it, it took you a few tries to learn how to paint your nails perfectly. No matter how much of a whiz you are these days with origami nails, or watercolor manis there was a time when your attempt to use red nail polish left you looking like Lady Macbeth (OUT DAMN POLISH SPOT). Caitlyn Jenner is no different.

We’ve known Cait was a mani fan ever since her Diane Sawyer interview where she admitted that one thing she was looking forward to after coming out as transgender was “wearing nail polish without having to take it off immediately.” Today Caitlyn posted a video of her fixing a mani mistake on Twitter. She asked her followers to critique her technique and color choice. It was hard enough for us to be good at manicures growing up but imagine if you had to start learning at 65? So it’s up to us to help our sister Cait out. Be sure to tweet her your polish suggestions (we like these products) and color ideas so that she can flaunt some awesome nails. Don’t forget these tips for saving a chipped manicure, Caitlyn!


It’s so fun to get to participate so actively in the journey of a celebrity we like so much. We are this much closer to turning the internet into one giant sleepover <3

What nail tips do you have for Cait? Tell us these and your nail fail stories in the comments!

(Photo via @caitlynjenner)