Everyone is always trying to find that dream house with the perfect view. The more jaw-dropping the vista, the better, right? But Casa Brutale takes it to an even crazier level… literally. This cliff-hanging concept house is designed in an upside-down L shape, with the top serving as a swimming pool and the living space encased in glass windows that overlook the edge of the cliff onto the Aegean Sea. If you were a secret agent, this would definitely be your hide-away home.

Created by the design network Open Platform for Architecture, or OPA, Casa Brutale combines simplicity and innovative architecture and pays homage to the Brutalist architecture movement. This concept house is unique in that it derives qualities from the surrounding landscape and natural beauty. Made with simple materials, it is meant to blend in and not divert focus from the beautiful landscape.

There are fifty steps leading down into Casa Brutale toward a tall rotating wood door and a glass-paneled balcony, which is open and inviting (as long as you aren’t afraid of heights!). The inside of the house is simple and bare, with most, if not all, items made of either concrete or wood, or a mixture of the two.

Within the house, a steel staircase takes you from the kitchen to the mezzanine, where you will find the master bedroom. Atop this room is the glass-encased pool with a glazed floor that serves as a huge skylight, allowing the light and shadows to play off the walls throughout the day.

A guest room, a storage space and a bathroom can all be found on the main level.

So far, the Casa Brutale concept house is just that — a concept. OPA is looking for someone to sponsor or buy the project to help bring it to fruition. They estimate that it would cost roughly one million euros to make. And though their sights were set on a location such as the Greek Islands, OPA is open to any location worldwide, so long as it’s interesting and picturesque.

Do you have the stomach to enter a place such as this for the breathtaking views? Leave why or why not in the comments below.

(Photos via OPA)