From using food as makeup to Vagisil as primer, there鈥檚 a lot of bizarre stuff that happens in the beauty world. Now there鈥檚 something strange 鈥 and oddly specific 鈥 that you can score for your makeup bag: lipgloss that makes it feel like you kissed a cat鈥檚 wet nose.

The Hin-Yari Ohana Gloss ($13) from Japanese brand Felissimo comes in three different colors: pink, orange, and yellow. The feeling is accomplished by lightly scenting the formula with feline milk and using a metal rollerball applicator that has a 鈥渢exture like kitten鈥檚 nose.鈥

two adorable orange kittens

The novelty of this item isn鈥檛 the only reason to go for this lippie, though; it also has some ingredients you would usually search for in your beauty products, like shea butter and skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid. Basically, it means your lips will be super moist鈥 kind of like your cat鈥檚 schnoz.

You can now snag the gloss even if you don鈥檛 live in Japan, but beware: With the shipping costs added in, you鈥檙e probably looking at about a $45 bill. But what price can you really put on a kiss from a furry friend?

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Felissimo, Getty)